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"The Exceptions of Absolute Accuracy"



Printmaking Machinery Video Installation 

“The Deviation of Machine”: Printmaking Video Installation,

Silkscreen on Copper Plate, Video;

“Unmanned Support”: Printmaking Machinery Installation,

Ceramic, Soil, Asparagus setaceus, Automatic sprinkle machine,  Indigo soil, Caesalpinia sappan, Amur corktree, Ink, Water;

“The Resistance Strategy of Old Machine”: Printmaking Installation,

Silkscreen on Steel Plate, Corrosion on Aluminium Plate

Dimension Variable

Silkscreen on steel: radius 42 cm, 4 pieces; Video: 4 minutes and 26 seconds;

Silkscreen on Steel Plate: 59x42cm, 4 pieces; Corrosion on Aluminium Plate: 40x41cm, 4 pieces











‘The Exceptions of Absolute Accuracy’ carried out research from the context of a printing factory. This factory and it’s traditional printing industry encountered a tremendous social and technological impact. Under the advanced digital technology, printing applications have speedily developed to be automatic, or even artificial intelligence machines. Through the study of printing history, the production technology of printing industry, printmaking art and contemporary media culture, this exhibition presents a series of inaccurate printmaking archive installation as an interfere operation. The works are trying to explore how our human consciousness reflects and results in under this violent acceleration;  the irreversible relationship between humans, machines and nature; and the method of reopening our self "savoir faire". The contemporary printing cultural production, contemporary information dissemination and the dependent of technical objects are expected to expose the "state of exception". This operation is to perform an imagination of "entbergung", "negentropy" and "individuation".

〈絕對精準的例外〉從一家印刷廠的脈絡中開展,面對傳統印刷工業受到時代、科技的衝擊,印刷技術隨著數碼科技發展迅速自動化,甚至無人化的人工智能機器。他透過爬梳印刷史、印刷工業、版印(版畫)藝術,以至當代媒體文化的生產技術,以一系列非精準的版印檔案裝置進行干擾操作,探索這種猛烈加速狀況反映和導致的人類生命意識,人類、機器和自然三者的不可逆轉關係和如何重新開啟自我生活知識(savoir faire),期望揭示對當代印刷文化生產、當代資訊傳播和技術物依賴中的例外狀態(state of exception),並進行一種解蔽(entbergung)、負熵(negentropy)及個體化(individuation)的想像。

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