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The Utopian Union 烏托邦聯盟


Printmaking Archive Installation

Silkscreen on printmaking paper (passport), Digital print on paper & Common Seal stickers (Declaration of Independent), Mixed Media (Globe, Map, Union symbol, List of Union members, History documents, District map with Sealing wax), Flags, Ethnical objects, land evidence, "Utopia", "Republic", Common Seal Machine, Sealing wax tools, experiment tools, UNPO video

Dimensions Variable

Silkscreen on printmaking paper (passport): 35x50,4 pieces;

Digital print on paper& Common Seal stickers (Declaration of Independent): 30x46,4 pieces






The Utopian Union is formed by 67 members of the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization), with the aim of providing its members help in improving the social system, pursuing self-determination, exercising sovereign rights, promoting ethnic independence in order to achieve an ideal state of being. Although a passport is a medium that indicates our nationality while we cross the border, does it fully represent our identity? How does the so-called “nationality” obscure the true identity of each member? The artist, from the anthropological perspectives of land, religion, culture and ways of living, studied various symbolic visuals that inspired him to design these passports. Each symbol stands not only for their collective consciousness but their desired way of life. It is their Utopia - seems perfect, yet impossible to achieve.


An independent nation, in a perfect world, has a flawless rule of law, a reasonable government and a content society. Therefore, when a nation declares independence, it will issue its independence manifesto towards self-determination. The Utopian Union is an international organization that offers help to each member in tasks such as drafting independence manifestos, disseminating the news internationally.


Hong Kong, the artist’s native land, is not listed among the 67 members in the Utopian Union, as Hong Kong is recognized by UNPO as part of the People’s Republic of China. The Utopian Union attempts to build a utopia uniting the whole world yet fails to alleviate the artist’s identity distress. 

《烏托邦聯盟》是一個由UNPO(中譯:無代表國家和民族組織)的六十七個民族成員組成的機構,協助其成員改善社會制度,追求民族自決,確立國家主權,宣揚民族獨特性,以達致完美理想境界。每當我們出入境過海關時,護照是向他人展示自己國籍的唯一媒介, 但這本護照能否完全代表其身份?UNPO成員的身份又如何被「國籍」的統稱所忽略?創作者從土地、宗教、文化、生活習慣等人類學角度選取具代表性的圖像,為聯盟內每一個成員製作屬於他們自己的護照。 每個護照上的圖像代表的不只是民族精神上的,更是每一個人心中的烏托邦 - 完美理想卻不可能出現的地方。




《烏托邦聯盟》由UNPO的六十七個成員單位而成。然而,創作者所屬的地方 – 香港,則不在表單裏,因為連UNPO也認為香港是中國一部份。《烏托邦聯盟》雖然能夠為了全世界的人建立烏托邦,卻未能紓緩創作者自我身份模糊的無力感。

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